Belly Casting

A Belly Cast is a perfect way to preserve the memory of pregnancy. You love the way you look, so why not have a lasting piece of artwork to remember the moment!

Casts can be done on your belly only, belly and chest, belly with hands resting on it, and belly and chest with hands resting on the belly. 

The ideal time to create a belly cast is around 32-37 weeks.  Women whose bellies grow quicker, or feel they may give birth early, can get a cast made sooner.

Your belly cast will be made in the privacy of our home.

We encourage you to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, as applying the product to make the mold can be wet and messy!

Applying the product takes about 30 minutes, and the entire appointment will take about an hour.

You are welcome to bring loved ones along. 

Type of belly Cast we offer

3D high detail mold

A very soft material called alginate is put on the skin; after it sets it is rubbery, but still delicate. A shell of plaster bandages is put over this layer. The shell helps to keep the alginate from flopping around after it has been taken off. These two layers are taken off together and form a bowl that is an exact negative of the body part. A sculpting stone which is extremaly strong, high-quality material, is poured into this bowl and moved around to remove all of the air pockets. After the stone has set, the alginate and plaster bandages are removed and thrown away, as they can only be used once.

After you leave the cast will be given a professional finish to clean up any little imperfections, sand the rough edges, put on a finish to seal it.

You will see deatils like goode bumps, your skin pattern, nails, jewlery etc.

Plaster Only

In this process, plaster bandages are used directly on the skin. Unlike the other processes, this plaster bandage shell is the finished piece. This leaves only the form of the body casting, rather than the wonderful details the other methods provide. 



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